Backlink Report

*UPDATE*: By popular demand, Backlink Report now offers a complete solution. We will work with you to collect your data, analyze your backlinks and work to remove your bad links. Please contact us with your URL for details on our full service offering.

Has your websites Google traffic disappeared? Have you been effected by the Google Penguin update? Do you want a way to identify the low quality and spam links which now are hurting your Google rank? You’ve come to the right place.

We created the Backlink Report website and services to help web marketers, clients, friends and ourselves to recover from the penalties incurred from the Google Penguin update by providing the means to clean up the backlink profiles of their websites.

Over the past year, we have seen and heard the stories from many webmasters around the world forced out of business by the Google Penguin update. The Google forums themselves resound with stories of people who lost everything due to lost traffic from Google organic search after having their websites penalized during the Panda or Penguin updates.

This year, the paradigms of Internet marketing have changed and we are here to help webmasters adjust, correct past mistakes, and move towards strategies of merit based, natural linking for the future of web search. Learn about our Google Penguin strategy.

The Backlink Report website provides information, services, strategies and our core Backlink Report product, uniquely created based on your websites backlink data and designed to help you identify and remove links that may be triggering the Google Penguin penalty. Click here to learn about the features of our Backlink Report and how it can help you out increase your organic search traffic.

Be sure to read about the Google Penguin recovery strategy and Panda and Penguin recovery resources to understand the complete process. Save thousands of dollars in SEO consulting services and take your Google Penguin recovery efforts in house with Backlink Report.

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